Profile - Ethel Parris Gainer

A believer in service and community participation Reverend Dr. Ethel Parris Gainer is founder of Divine Destiny Disability Ministry. (DDDM) 

DDDM believes that in order for the church to have a voice against inequality in the area of disability, it has to be educated about the impact that disabilities are Dr. Ethel Parris Gainermaking in the African American community.  The church has to develop ministries not only to provide assistance but to offer education and training to the congregation and to utilize the gifts and talents of people with disabilities in all areas of the church.

Divine Destiny Disability Ministry works collaboratively with churches, denomination and agencies in order to provide disability ministry education, training, and workshops.

The annual workshop training goal is to provide Christian education to foster spiritual and moral growth by providing education regarding Disability Ministry.  The facilitators serve as a catalyst:  to inspire, encourage and enable the local church to take steps necessary to build their own disability ministry.  The focus of the workshop is to provide awareness, and education in the following areas.

  1. Theological reflection
  2. Disability Awareness – historical and statistical data
  3. Education and Training- attitudes, accessibility, utilizing gifts and talents, sermons and bible studies, developing disability ministries 
  4. Building Collaborations to share ministry practices.

Dr. Parris Gainer earned her Doctorate of Ministry degree from Virginia Union Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology. In addition she has a Master’s in Education and Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. A published writer, she is an ordained reverend, and works as a mental health therapist, consultant, and minister.