Introducing "Divas With Disabilities Project"


Divas with Disabilities Facebook Group Page was launched in 2012 by Donna R. Walton, EdD. Donna wanted to show that Diva and Disability can go together in a single person;  “with Divas, I wanted to reach out especially to women of color because of my own experiences as an African American woman living with a disability.”


To see more women of color with disabilities reflected in mass media.


To showcase the talent and abilities of women of color with disabilities through various media platforms to help shape the perception of what “disability” looks like. We interpret the meaning of “look” not only as the outer beauty, but also the achievements and accomplishments of women with disabilities.

Divas with Disabilities Project meet every other month at 8pm est.

The Dial in Number: 712-775-7031

Access Code: 301 388 738

Future meeting dates to be announced . . .