Disabled Muslim Matrimony: Breaking Boundaries and Building Futures

There are many things that can be disabling, the process of ageing, the loss of wealth, and the loss of employment.

When we marry someone, we know we will all age, we may even struggle with money, some of us may lose our jobs, but we stick by one another. That is love. That is commitment. We look pass matters of age and money, because we believe in something much greater, and we believe in it together. The ability to love is always stronger, always greater than any disability a person may face.

Yet when it comes to a physical or mental disability, people back away from a potential spouse. It seems that being given the choice to handle a disability from the start of a marriage is too much, that the love and commitment is too much effort when the offer does not sound tempting. We forget that any kind of disability can happen at any moment of our lives.

Upon accepting the Community Initiative of the Year Award at the 2020 British Muslim Awards, we said in our speech that we want people to see those with disabilities as complete equals, not alternatives when it comes to marriage.

This is paramount. We must relearn our definition of beauty, because having good morals and a good character are rarities, like precious gemstones, and such gemstones are beautiful. A person’s religious habits are important too, but good character is much more central in Islamic teaching. Regardless of anyone’s ability, a person with good character will love and support you, qualities we yearn for beyond anything else.

Disabled Muslim Matrimony

We held our Disabled Muslim Matrimony event in Preston, UK. With the Grace of Allah, it was a success. The turnout was fantastic and our members thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Alhamdulilah, some of our members believe they have found their match on their very first attempt at attending one of our events SubhanAllah.

We created the perfect space where all our member’s needs were met and all support and facilities were put in place which allowed our members to simply enjoy meeting other singles to help them find their marriage partners.

The beautiful Silk Route Restaurant (Preston Lancashire) at which the Disabled Muslim Matrimony event was held was the perfect venue for our members. We ensured that we chose a venue which would be suited to all our member’s needs, i.e. the venue had disabled access, disabled parking, disabled toilets, comfortable seating (including sofas in the waiting area, giving our members the extra comfort following registration) and the venue was large enough to facilitate wheelchair circulation alhamdulilah.

We wanted our members to feel at ease and know exactly what to expect at the event prior to attending. We provided our members with all relevant information regarding the venue, accessibility, directions, wheelchair accessible taxi contact numbers, parking, and lots more information prior to attending the event – giving everyone peace of mind and supporting them in every way we could.

Ayaz Bhuta, the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Paralympian, gave an inspirational speech about self-motivation and marriage. This is what he had to say about our event: "It’s a great initiative to help disabled Muslims get married and there’s nothing like it to be honest, it’s fantastic. [The Disabled Muslim Matrimony event] is nice, intimate and relaxed, it’s a very unique service. [This is] a great service especially for other disabled Muslims. Give it a shot, if your hoping to find a partner, you never know what might happen if you come to one of these events, it might be daunting for you but you never know what might happen.”

This is what some of our members had to say about our Disabled Muslim Matrimony event:

“I’m genuinely very impressed with how accommodating you’ve been as a service to make the event as inclusive and stress free for everyone involved.”

Another member said: “JazakAllah khair for keeping us updated every step of the way. This is something new and you’re doing everything within your means to make the process easier for us. I can’t wait to come on Thursday and meet new individuals. Especially those who may have gone through similar struggles in life.”

A mother of one of our members sent a lovely message with a beautiful dua after the event saying:

“Jazak Allah Khair for organising the event. It was evident that there was lots of planning behind the scenes. I pray for the success of the new venture as it is greatly needed and a to be promoted more. Bless you and the team, may you all be rewarded abundantly ameen.”