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Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics

Leroy Franklin Moore, Jr. 

Pub Date:11/9/2015

Publisher: Poetic Matrix Press

Product Number:9780986060083

ISBN978-0-986-06008-3  SKU #: A13

Blackness and Disability

Editor: Christopher M. Bell
Publisher: Michigan State University Press (February 1, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1611860108

This pivotal volume uncovers the misrepresentations of black disabled bodies and demonstrates how those bodies transform systems and culture.

Case Studies of Minority Student Placement in Special Education

Author(s): Beth Harry, J.K. Klinger, E.P. Cramer, and K.M. Sturges
Publisher: Teachers College Press; First Edition edition (April 1, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0807747610 / ISBN-13: 978-0807747612

This book brings to life case studies of real children, school personnel, and family members and addresses the disproportionate placement of minority students in special education programs.

Crises of Identifying: Negotiating and Mediating Race, Gender, and Disability Within Family and Schools (Educational Leadership for Social Justice)

Author: Dymaneke D. Mitchell, NBDC Member
Publisher: Information Age Publishing (April 12, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1623960916 / ISBN-13: 978-1623960919

This book includes narratives on the familial and educational experiences in public, private, and institutional educational settings of five African American adults who have disabilities associated with blindness, cerebral palsy, and speech impairment.

Disability Incarcerated: Imprisonment and Disability in the United States and Canada

Edited by Liat Ben-Moshe, Chris Chapman and Allison C. Carey. .
Paperback; 316 pages
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (May 29, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1137404051 / ISBN-13: 978-1137404053

Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History

Corbett Joan O'Toole
Autonomous Press

Uncovering stories about disability history and life, O'Toole shares her firsthand account of some of the most dramat6ic events in Disability History, and gives voice to those too often left out. From the 504 Sit-in and founding of Center for Independent Living in Berkley, to the Disability Forum at the International Woman's Conference in Bejing; through dancing, sports, queer disability organizing and being a disabled parent, O'Toole explores her own and the disability community's power and privilege with humor, insight and honest observations.

Good Kings, Bad Kings

Author: Susan Nussbaum
Publisher: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill
Language: English
ISBN: 11616202637 / ISBN13: 978161620237

Bellwether Award winner Susan Nussbaum’s powerful novel invites us into the lives of a group of teenagers—alienated, funny, yearning for autonomy—except that they live in an institution for juveniles with disabilities. This unfamiliar, isolated landscape is much the same as the world outside: friendships are forged, trust is built, love affairs are kindled, and rules are broken. But those who call it home have little or no control over their fate. Good Kings Bad Kings challenges our definitions of what it means to be disabled in a story told with remarkable authenticity and in voices that resound with humor and spirit.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Author: Rebecca Skloot
Publisher: Crown; First Edition edition (February 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1400052173 / ISBN-13: 978-1400052172

Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor Southern tobacco farmer who worked the same land as her slave ancestors, yet her cells—taken without her knowledge—became one of the most important tools in medicine.

It's Easier to Dance

Author: Annie Laurie Harris
Publisher: Poetry Cards (June 17, 2013)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

A memoir, by Annie Laurie Harris, a woman of African American Heritage, born with cerebral palsy, depicts the highlights, turning points and crossroads of her life while living with a complex, multi-faceted disability.

Nelson Beats The Odds

Publisher: Amazon

Author: Rodney Sidney, II, Traci Wagoner (Illustrator), Kurt Keller (Illustrator), Tiffany Day (Editor), Katrina Kiefer (Editor)

Nelson use to think school was all about playing around and talking with his friends. When Nelson learns that he has been placed in Special Education, he fears being teased. Consequently, he keeps his learning disability and ADHD diagnosis a secret. With the encouragement of his parents and assistance from Mrs. T., his Special Education teacher, Nelson pushes the boundaries and discovers his potential. 

”Nelson Beats The Odds” is an inspiring story that celebrates friendship, resilience and empowerment. The striking illustrations give life to ”Nelson Beats The Odds”, while the author’s story is perfect for students diagnosed with learning disabilities or mental health disorders.

Occupying Disability: Critical Approaches to Community, Justice, and Decolonizing Disability 2016

Publisher:  Springer

Editors: Block, P., Kasnitz, D., Nishida, A., Pollard, N. (Eds.)

This book explores the concept of "occupation" in disability well beyond traditional clinical formulations of disability: it considers disability not in terms of pathology or impairment, but as a range of unique social identities and experiences that are shaped by visible or invisible diagnoses/impairments, socio-cultural perceptions and environmental barriers and offers innovative ideas on how to apply theoretical training to real world contexts. Inspired by disability justice and “Disability Occupy Wall Street / Decolonize Disability” movements in the US and related movements abroad, this book builds on politically engaged critical approaches to disability that intersect occupational therapy, disability studies and anthropology. "Occupying Disability" will provide a discursive space where the concepts of disability, culture and occupation meet critical theory, activism and the creative arts. The concept of “occupation” is intentionally a moving target in this book. Some chapters discuss occupying spaces as a form of protest or alternatively, protesting against territorial occupations. Others present occupations as framed or problematized within the fields of occupational therapy and occupational science and anthropology as engagement in meaningful activities. The contributing authors come from a variety of professional, academic and activist backgrounds to include perspectives from theory, practice and experiences of disability. Emergent themes include: all the permutations of the concept of "occupy," disability justice/decolonization, marginalization and minoritization, technology, struggle, creativity and change. This book engages clinicians, social scientists, activists and artists in dialogues about disability as a theoretical construct and lived experience.

Sight Unseen - Gender and Race Through Blind Eyes

Author: Ellyn Kaschak
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Language: English

Unspeakable: The Story of Junius Wilson

Author: Susan Burch & Hannah Joyner
Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press; First Edition edition (November 5, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0807831557 / ISBN-13: 978-0807831557

Junius Wilson (1908-2001) spent 76 years at a state mental hospital. He was deaf and black in the Jim Crow South. Unspeakable is the story of his life.

Why Are So Many Minority Students in Special Education?: Understanding Race & Disability in Schools

Author: Beth Harry
Publisher: Teachers College Press (December 30, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 080774624X / ISBN-13: 978-0807746240

This book examines the disproportionate placement of Black and Hispanic students in special education. The book concludes with recommendations for improving educational practice and teacher training and for policy renewal.