Books/DVD/Music Resource List

By Leroy F. Moore Jr.

This is a growing listIf you know of any books, CDs or DVDs about Black disabled musicians including but not limited to Blues, Soul and Hip-Hop please contact Leroy at: kriphopproject@yahoo.com(link sends e-mail)


Our History, our Activism at Work for 105 Years

As you read this, the Senate prepares to vote to change the rules. If they are allowed to do so, President Trump could win his battle to change our country into a place where only the connected, corporations, and even the corrupt have power — without accountability through the rule of law. In the less than 80 days since Donald Trump took office, he's attempted to ban Muslims, end health care for 24 million people, break up immigrant families, abandon the responsibility to enforce laws that protect people from police brutality, and rescind the environmental rules that were saving our planet.

Casting Call For Disabled Women Of Color

A major tv network is looking for disabled woman of color (32-40yrs) for a pilot show.

contact: rdrake1222@gmail.com for more information.

Interview: "A Small Temporary Inconvenience"

An interview with filmmaker, Cleveland Bailey, Jr. on an upcoming feature film about black, disabled civil rights activist George Washington Eames, Jr. in Jim Crow Louisiana.

By Leroy Moore

Cleve Bailey has taken the story of his great uncle and aunt George and Kathy Eames and created a screenplay entitled: A Small Temporary Inconvenience which chronicles the lives of this interracial couple who dedicated their lives to Civil Rights Activism and fighting against racism in the Deep South.

Former Special Ed. Student Publishes Children’s Book

Image of "Nelson Beats The Odds" author, Ronnie Sidney II autographing his new book.“I want Nelson Beats The Odds to resonate with young people, particularly African American males and students with learning disabilities,” Sidney said, “I was in special education and I know exactly how it feels to be stigmatized and labeled.”

After spending seven years in remediation and special education, the last thing Ronnie Sidney, II, MSW thought he would become was an author.


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