Books/DVD/Music Resource List

By Leroy F. Moore Jr.

This is a growing listIf you know of any books, CDs or DVDs about Black disabled musicians including but not limited to Blues, Soul and Hip-Hop please contact Leroy at: sends e-mail)


Joe Capers Accessible Home Music Studio

Imagine a time before computers before cell phones. How did musicians/singers/rappers record their material? Yes, there were professional music studios that cost an arm and a leg in the 80’s and early 90’s. Joe Capers, a blind musician, producer and engineer and friends, built the first completely accessible studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Oakland Hills, that opened in August 1989 and recorded artists like Tony, Toni, Tone, young MC Hammer, Digital Underground, Too Short, Dawn Robinson, of En Vogue and many more that went on, as we now know, to be legends in the Hip-Hop & Soul arena locally and nationally. 

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