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NBDC is the nation’s organization for all Black disabled people.  Membership and partners includes Black disabled organizations, disabled people, parents, family members, faith based, non-profits, and academic and policy leaders.

Founded in 1990, in response to the need for Black disabled people to organize around mutual concerns, NBDC is dedicated to examining and improving; community leadership, family inclusion, entrepreneurship, civil rights, service delivery systems, education and information and Black disabled identity and culture through the lenses of ableism and racism. Select here for welcome video.

The Trump administration says it's creating jobs and opportunities for people with disabilities across the country, but critics say that's not always true for those working for the federal government.

"There isn't any real leadership on disability issues in the Trump administration," said Curt Decker, executive director of the National Disability Rights Network, a national nonprofit advocacy group. "Bad things are happening every day for people with disabilities, and without constant vigilance and enforcement from the top, we will fall back on our progress."

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The first black Barbie doll from Mattel who uses a wheelchair has become an internet sensation.The first black Barbie doll from Mattel who uses a wheelchair has become an internet sensation.

On Twitter, many people are praising Mattel for making a black Barbie doll who has  natural hair and uses a wheelchair. The doll retails for $19.99, and comes with a ramp that fits inside Barbie Dreamhouses. The new doll, which launched in June after bei...read more

August 8 - 9, 2019

Georgia State University College of Law

85 Park Place, Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Atlanta Legal Aid is having a conference in August commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Olmstead Supreme Court ...read more

"From the time that I was 15, I spent nine years in the adult prison system.  I saw Black kids like me getting hot water thrown in their faces as guards turned away, and others, like predators, walking around looking for weakness to rape somebody.  I used to wonder is this really what happens to kids like me? Do they really expect me to come home rehabilitated?"

- D.R., 2017

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