TEN YEAR OLD, Amali Maxine Phillips, Donates Poetry Book Proceeds to NYC Homeless People

TEN YEAR OLD, Amali Maxine Phillips, Donates Poetry Book Proceeds to NYC Homeless People

Leroy Moore interviewed our future when he interviewed Black ten-year-old writer, poet and author, Amali Maxine Phillips. Introducing the next generation of Black disabled poets and artists; Amali Maxine Phillips!

LM: When did you begin writing poetry?

Amali Maxine Phillips: Well, I started when I was five, and I wrote my first poem in church.

LM: OK, thank you. Why did you decide to give the sales of your book to homeless people?

Amali Maxine Phillips: Well, I live in New York, and I’m around a lot of people in need. So, I thought well, I really want to help. So, when I wrote the book, I thought well, I think that giving the book money to people in need is very important.

LM: Yes, it is. Thank you for doing that.

Amali Maxine Phillips: You’re welcome.

LM: Will you write more books?

Amali Maxine Phillips: I really do want to write more books and more poetry, but I’m still writing short stories and so, yeah, hopefully.

LM: That is so great. I have cerebral palsy too. So, what is your advice for other Black disabled girls?

Amali Maxine Phillips: Well, just be yourself because if you try to be someone different, it’s not going to help. Be yourself.

LM: How can people buy your book?

Amali Maxine Phillips: Well, you can buy it on Amazon.

LM: Thank you, any last words?

Amali Maxine Phillips: Well, I was thinking that I could read a poem.

LM: Oh, yeah! I’d love to hear you to do that!

Amali Maxine Phillips: So, I think I want to read my poem that I wrote called “Daydream.”


"Daydream" -  by Amali Maxine Phillips:(Picture:  Amali Maxine Phillips, Black ten year old holding a t-shirt that says: Poetry is my First Language. Amali is smiling and wearing eye glasses.)

I’m gone 
In my world

The sun is bright and pretty
I lost 
My mind
Not paying attention
Just alone in my 

LM: Wow! Excellent! I love it.

Amali Maxine Phillips: Thank you.

LM: Thank you so much. Any words, perhaps from your father?

FATHER: No, just thank you again for reaching out and giving her an opportunity to share what she’s doing. But also, I did not know you had the whole platform. So, it was just great learning about the work that you’re doing and how you have connected your passion with your career. That’s a great opportunity to combine the two. So, I’m also grateful for just even learning about all the things that you’re involved with. So, thank you too, for that.

LM: Oh, thanks.

Amali Maxine Phillips’ book is entitled "Dear Parents: A Young Poet’s Anthology". You can get it on Amazon Books.