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As you read this, the Senate prepares to vote to change the rules. If they are allowed to do so, President Trump could win his battle to change our country into a place where only the connected, corporations, and even the corrupt have power — without accountability through the rule of law. In the less than 80 days since Donald Trump took office, he's attempted to ban Muslims, end health care for 24 million people, break up immigrant families, abandon the responsibility to enforce laws that protect people from police brutality, and rescind the environmental rules that were saving our planet. Now he wants to remake our Supreme Court in his own political image by placing Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

Join the fight and call your senators now @ 888-877-2040 to say #StopGorsuch.

The Supreme Court is a job for life. If Judge Gorsuch is confirmed, we'll likely face 40 years of court decisions that favor corporations over workers as well as the privileged and powerful over the vulnerable who need their civil rights protected.

Yes, we can stop him by calling our Senators now at 888-877-2040.

Already our allies in the Senate are filibustering and delaying Gorsuch's confirmation, but Republican leadership are planning to cheat by changing the rules to allow for him to be confirmed with only 51 votes, instead of the normal 60 needed to confirm a Supreme Court justice. We know it is better to have the seat go unfilled for the moment, rather than have it filled by the wrong person for 40 years.

Don't change the rules, change the nominee.

If that's not enough, well-connected and conservative partisans have donated millions of dollars to promote television ads making Gorsuch appear to be a friend of civil rights, when his record says otherwise. These well-to-do partisans are the same ones who donated millions to hold off President Barack Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court for nearly a year, preventing him from even getting a hearing. And yet they now want us to accept Gorsuch getting the express lane to the Supreme Court — with a rule change, too. 

Please support our work as we continue to fight the important battles that protect democracy and the rights of all people. 


Please call your senator now and tell them to #StopGorsuch and join us and over 200 organizations committed to protecting the civil rights that keep our democracy real. This is not a partisan question of which party gets a seat on the Supreme Court; it's a question of whether our democracy will remain real to the average American. It's about whether an administration that is running roughshod over the rights of many Americans will put a judge in the Supreme Court who won't protect those rights.

We say unequivocally and unapologetically: "No."

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In solidarity,

Cornell William Brooks

President and CEO