NBDC Back Disability Studies Committee

To serve as a catalyst for the development of Black Disability Studies (BDS).  To create a framework of principles and essential elements to guide the development of the curriculum.  To mobilize the resources required to develop, implement and assess the curriculum. 

Mission Statement for Black Disability Studies 

The mission of Black Disability Studies is to advance and transmit knowledge of linkages of the history, culture, arts and sociology about people from the Black disabled community in the United States and the Diaspora.

BDS Committee Members

Moore, Leroy F.  - Chair

Battle, Kathlyn - Essex County College, NJ 

Benjamin, Ruha - Boston University, MA

Callaway, Shawn - Advocate

Gerber, Gerber - Montclair State, NJ 

Harris, Jerome - Rowan University 

Jones, James - Univ. of Delaware  

Ledbetter, Sislena - Univ. of DC  

Nishida, Akemi - CUNY, NYC  

Price, Margaret - Spelman 

Tolliver, Alexis - Johns Hopkins and Harvard

All inquiries for the BDS Committee should be addressed to:  jdunhamn@blackdisability.org