Divas with Disabilities: 30 Years of the American with Disabilities Act

Divas With Disabilities Project (DWD)  celebrated the 30th year of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Dr. Donna Walton, Founder & President, DWD led the discussion on what it means to be Black and disabled in 2020.  Five Black divas; Krystle Allen, Zazel Chavah, Lachi, and Janice Jackson engaged in a lively discussion of their lived experiences expressed through a disability lens.  The women talk about how their lives would be completely different without this landmark legislation.

We all must work to change the perception of disability. We all must challenge our thoughts and prejudice, and we all must think about what we can do to build a more inclusive society for all.

Black Lives in Real Times discusses the impact of stigma, disability disclosure, and the importance of Intersectionality.


NBDC congratulates Krystle Allen!

NBDC sponsored Krystle Allen, for an international internship and acted as an intermediary for an award of $5,000. in an ADA lawsuit.  Krystle graduated from college and has gone on to establish Eyes Like Mine, an organization by and for visually impaired women.