Disabled people in the count!

November 16 is Census 2020 National Day of Action

How is the Census taken?

The Census count is based on the answers provided in the Census form sent to all residences in the United States. A postcard will be distributed and should be received by most households in March 2020 with a unique link to complete the Census form online. Residents may complete the Census on any device with Internet access. Alternatively, the Census may also be completed over the telephone, by mail, or in person by an enumerator (a Census Bureau employee who collects census information by visiting households during Census field operations). The Census will be translated into 59 languages. Participants should submit the Census form to the Census Bureau by April 1, 2020.

Should someone who can’t vote still participate in the Census?

Yes. Everyone counts and everyone’s count makes a difference. Every person’s participation helps their community and its children by determining the median income level of the community. Those numbers will bring needed assistance through federal dollars back to the community in the form of public health, construction of federal roads, and school aid.