Books/DVD/Music Resource List

By Leroy F. Moore Jr.

This is a growing listIf you know of any books, CDs or DVDs about Black disabled musicians including but not limited to Blues, Soul and Hip-Hop please contact Leroy at: sends e-mail)


Title Author Publisher Year
The Songs of Blind Folk: African American Musicians & The Cultures of Blindness Terry Rowden Univ. of Michigan 2009
Revelation Blind Willie Johnson: The Biography: The Man, The Words, The Music D.N. Blakely LuLu Press 2007
Blind Boone: Piano Prodigy Madge Harrah Carolrhoda Books 2004
Shine On Me: The Biography of an African-American Woman Born Blind D. Dexter Vizinau iUniversity, Inc. 2004
Blind Boone: Missouri's Ragtime Pioneer Jack A. Batterson Missouri Press 1998
Blind Lemon Jefferson: His Life, His Death and His Legacy Robert L. Uzzel Earkin Press 2002
The Blues Is My Story Sam Myers/Jeff Horton Univ. of Miss. Press 2006
Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story Ray Charles/David Ritz First Da Capo Press  
Ray Charles: Man & Music Michael Lydon Riverhead Books  
Josh White: Society Blues Elijah Wald Routledge   2000
Blues People: Negro Music In White America LeRoi Jones Harper-Collins 1963
Nothing But The Blues: The Music and the Musicians Alan Axelrod   1993
Curtis Mayfield: People Never Give Up Peter Burns Sanctuary Pub. 2003
Truly Blessed Teddy Pendergrass/Patricia Romanowski Putnam Sons  
Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm Percy Carey Vertigo/DC Comics 2007
Your Feelings Through My Words: If My Crutch Could Speak Bickford "Preach" Noel    



CD's -- Black Blind Blues (and Other Disabilities):

Artist Title Year
Blind Lemon Jefferson The Best of 2000
Willie Foster Live at Airport Grocery 1999
Blind Blake The Essential 2002
Reverand Gary Davis If I Had My Way 2003
Blind Willie McTell Broke Down Engine Blues 1927-1935
Roland Kirk Voluntered Slavery 1969
Snooks Eaglin Live In Japan 1997
Snooks Eaglin New Orleans Street Singer 2005
Robert Bradley Blackwater Surprise 2006
Henry Butler Blues After Sunset 1998
Henry Butler The Game Has Just Begun 2002
A.C, Forehand & Blind Mamie Storefornt & Street Corner 1927-28
Cripple Clarence Lofton Vol. 1 1991
Cedell Davis When Lightn' Struck 2002
Cedell Davis The Horror of it All 1998
Ceder Davis Feel Like Doing Something 1995
Sleepy john estes  Browville Blues 1992
Lightnin Hopkins & Friends BLUES HOOT 1961
Peg Leg Sam Jackson Early In The Morning 1994
Peg Leg Josh Howell Complete Recordings 1926-28
Peg Leg Moffett (Soul) The Shicker (song) 2003
Walter Jackson The Best of 1996
Walter Jackson Feelings 1994
Walter Jackson It's All Over 2006
Vernon Green Vernon Green & Medallions 1973
Varetta Dilliard Mercy Mr. Percy  
Al Hibbler Starring Al Hibbler Here's Hibbler! 1996
Ralph Russel VSEL WOOTHE (The Every Day) 2004
Charlie Jene Live & Feeling The Heat  
Avotcja & Modupue Grattitiude: Live @ Yosh's  
Krip-Hop Mixtape Krip-Hop Mixtape 2007
Bushwick Bill Phantom of the Rapra 2007
DJ Boogie Blind Live At The P.J.’S Harlem  
J Dilla   Donuts 2006
Paul Johnson (House) We Can Make the World Spin 1996
Paul Johnson In Motion #3  1998
Paul Johnson So Nice 2006
 DJ Quad Brining The Heat 2006
Preechman My Reality 2002
Paraplegic MC P 2004
Professir X A Solider For Cure 2006
Fezo da MadOne Who IZ Leon Soze? 2002
Fezo da MadOne Here I AM 2005
Temple Dynasty Noizemozis 2004
POPPA Wheely The Parkers  
S’Wayne Just Give Me The Microphone!  
S’Wayne Thank You For Lovin Me  
LYFE Southern Comfort 2005
MF Grimm  The Down Fall of Ibliys  
MF Grimm Scares & Memories 2005
MF Grimm Digital Tears 2003
MF Grimm America Hunger 2007
Helix Boyz The H 2006
4-Wheel City My Wheels, My Music My Life  
Lucky Who Shot Me 2005
Ray Charles Ray (The Movie) 2005
DJ Boogie Blind The Adventures of Roc Raida 2004
Preechman  Ruff Ryders Documentary 2001
Professir X A City Called Heaven 2006
Ludacris SPOT: Stand Up 2005
Rev. Gary Davis & Sonny Terry Master of the Country Blues 2001
Josh White  Free & Equal Blues 2001