Welcome to the website of The National Black Disability Coalition (NBDC)

NBDC is the nation’s organization for all Black disabled people.  Membership and partners includes Black disabled organizations, disabled people, parents, family members, faith based, non-profits, and academic and policy leaders.

Founded in 1990, in response to the need for Black disabled people to organize around mutual concerns, NBDC is dedicated to examining and improving; community leadership, family inclusion, entrepreneurship, civil rights, service delivery systems, education and information and Black disabled identity and culture through the lenses of ableism and racism. Select here for welcome video.

Who can I call if I have a disability-related voting concern?


Disability Rights operates a voter hotline every Election Day while polls are open. Find your state office: https://acl.gov/programs/aging-and-disability-networks/state...


Can I get help with my ballot at the voting booth?


Yes. If you need assistance because of your disability (for example, you are unable to read or to physically mar...read more

It's no secret that I'm a big believer in hope and change.

But I'm also a big believer in reality. Hope that is not rooted in reality will never lead to the change we desire.

If you don't like things you see, you can't just close your eyes and long for something better. You've got to open them, embrace reality, and channel that hope into action.

America didn't become that shining city on the hill by wishing for it. We built it with clear eyes, righteous ambition, and unwavering determination.

So I'm asking you to recall that unlikely story of...read more

The morning of November 7, 2016 was a rude awakening for millions of Americans – 231, 556,622 Americans to be exact. This was the approximate number of eligible voters who did not vote in the presidential election. In fact, if each of these 230 million plus people collectively wrote in a hypothetical candidate’s name on a ballot, that candidate would have won the election by a landslide.

More alarming is the fact that read more


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