Jerry Harris Black Disability Studies at SDS

Jerome Harris' most recent position was the Interim Director of the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (NJISJ).


National Black Deaf Advocates Annual Conference!

Former Special Education Student Publishes Best-Selling Children’s Book

“I want Nelson Beats The Odds to resonate with young people, particularly African American males and students with learning disabilities,” Sidney said, “I was in special education and I know exactly how it feels to be stigmatized and labeled.”

Image of "Nelson Beats The Odds" author, Ronnie Sidney II autographing his new book.



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image of Margaret Battle WinchesterMargaret Battle Winchester

Bridgeton, New Jersey

Mrs. Winchester was born in 1920. At the age of 29 she was diagnosed with vision loss. Relying on her inner strength and determination, inspired by faith, she continued to manage her household and parenting responsibilities.  Read more

Disability Inclusion Tool Kit

Disability Inclusion Toolkit

Black, Gifted & Disabled

NBDC Interview Series

"Black, Gifted & Disabled"

image of activist Alexis Toliver,

Alexis Toliver